History is made when innovation and ambition meet together. And with it, dreams that become realities. In 1958, Corrado Reverberi and Umberto Annovi, driven by their love and pride for their country, founded what became known as AR (Annovi Reverberi) in Modena, Italy. The company would soon become the most reputable, ever-lasting agricultural company in the world, spurred by a desire and dedication to supporting their fellow countrymen who labor to produce Italy’s finest produce and poultry by providing only the finest, cutting-edge pressure pumps at that time to push the agricultural industry deep into the future.

      AR, like a budding sapling, had grown during the eve of the 90’s. Spearheaded by Ralph Notch, AR expanded from its humble HQ in Modena, Italy to a manufacturing plant in Bomporto, Italy, doubling its employee numbers in Italy to 353 and then expanded from the east to the United States at the Minneapolis plant with 87 employees and westward to China with a personnel number of 167. From its expansion across the globe, Annovi Reverberi now resides in five continents and more than one hundred countries abroad. What was once a local hub for Italy’s farmers, has now become a central agricultural hub for every farmer in the world by providing exemplary customer service that puts the needs of each farmer first through commitment, perseverance, and dedication. All made possible by its 500+ select candidates that form a united front to shape the future of agriculture for generations to come. And as the company had grown, so did its vast array of products. With the passage of time, AR’s expansion will be but the catalyst to an ever-expanding shift to sustainable, efficient and profitable products for the agricultural, industrial, and cleaning divisions of AR.

      The Agricultural Division is best known for its diaphragm pumps that are best utilized with liquid fertilizers, spraying, atomizers, deicing, disinfestation, use on wheelbarrows, fire fighting and the power garden line: wheelbarrows, motor-driven pump assemblies, electric motor pump assemblies. The Industrial Division is best known for its piston pumps: closely packed, quiet running, and “equipped with ceramic pistons to guarantee longer life and require minimal maintenance due to their reliability” (Annovi Reverberi, n.d.). These pumps are tied with different accessories and “equipped with hydraulic, petrol and electric engines including the Made in Italy Ravel electric motors, manufacturer in a company belonging to the Group. They are pivotal “not only for cleaning but also for new applications such as misting, reverse osmosis and dust suppression” (Annovi Reverberi, n.d.).

      Finally, the Cleaning Division is the leading division for the AR Blue Clean. This brand is driven to ideate new solutions in the cleaning industry thus keeping true to the company’s goal of innovation. Whatever the need may be, AR intends to meet that need with an attentive eye to detail, technology and innovation first. Within the Cleaning Division, “the full range of home and professional high-pressure washers, vacuum cleaners, ash cleaners and window cleaners” (Annovi Reverberi, n.d.). Altogether, they are all driven by this major crux of this entire organization and that is to “combine Italian workmanship with technological innovation” (Annovi Reverberi, n.d.). AR ensures their “high-quality standards and Italian know-how” are central in their products to address “all customers needs” (Annovi Reverberi, n.d.).

      Their deeply passionate love for their country is what truly sets apart their products from other companies. Built with durable, sturdy material only in Italy. Italian craftsmanship is held with such high esteem that every product must be inscribed with Made in Italy. AR prides itself on designing and innovating with only the highest quality of materials that is notable for their “maximum reliability” (American Pressure Inc,. n.d.). AR ensures they pay attention to the sturdiness of their components makeup by running it through tests to ensure it’s fully reliable. In addition, they confirm that “every product is created following production processes that comply with the ISO 9001:2015 standard” (Mister Worker, n.d.).

      AR constantly evolves, challenging themselves to improve upon previous AR pumps and pressure washers alike to meet the ever-changing needs of farmers, showcasing their finest work to conventions around the world, and building partnerships and friendships that most assuredly last a lifetime. It is for these reasons that truly sets Annovi Reverberi apart as a true market leader. Innovations like the Diaphragm pumps constructed with superior materials that withstand wear, corrosion and harmful chemicals, and the AR Blue Clean MAXX2200 Electric Pressure Washer with a 2,200 PSI and 1.2 GPM, maneuverability, ergonomic design, solid metal structure, rubber-coated treads, anti-vibration feet, this product is guaranteed to purify surfaces in depth by the removal of dirt or grime (Mister Worker, n.d.).
      Each innovation has garnered a customer count of 2,000 within their agricultural division, 2,500 in their industry division and 3,500 in the cleaning division which holds to AR’s mission to provide long-lasting products that stand the test of time for its ingenuity that go above and beyond what customers are expecting (Annovi Reverberi, n.d.). 100,000 agriculture, 650,000 industrial and 900,000 cleaning units have each collectively sold in the year 2022. In 2023, their total number of shipped products is 5.7 million. Each unit is identified as 100% controlled products (Annovi Reverberi, n.d.). There is a tremendous amount of trust for AR having built a strong reputation with an emphasis on staying with the constant shift of the innovative world for over 60 years. They are driven to adapt, innovate and design even amid a shifting innovation world. Their perseverance drives them to confront the constantly changing technoscape by tackling challenges or problems that may arise and developing solutions efficiently to resolve those issues.

      AR’s legacy continues to be met with reward and recognition as their passion and commitment to excellence have earned them a series of Sustainability Awards, over 50 Design Patents, above 100 Technical Patents, and a staggering 200 Product Certifications. For over 65 years, AR has continued to lead the agricultural world by remaining rooted in its core values of:
⦁     People: an unwavering, dedicated staff that is united for a common goal.
⦁     Passion: With products that meet the highest standards of quality and people who care deeply about producing high-grade components built with strong material that is both innovative and deeply embedded with a nation’s pride.
⦁     Customization: An assortment of varying products guaranteed to meet any customer need
⦁     High Performance: Highly efficient products requiring little to no maintenance and an extensive focus on providing exemplary customer service are the building blocks of Annovi Reverberi’s success
⦁     Tradition: Adhering to the heritage and craftsmanship of Italy while also utilizing modern, “state-of-the-art processes.
⦁     Environmental Sustainability: constructing products that are sustainable, efficient and reliable. Production of Annovi Reverberi products and components strongly consider the environmental impact of their products by upholding manufacturing processes that involve the prevention of water wastage

      It all started with the dream and ambition of two Italian businessmen who envisioned a brighter future and a brighter tomorrow for the farming world.

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